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The Genesis Lifestyle Network is a multi stream income system that allows the everyday individual to create multiple streams of income using one link and be apart of the multi billion dollar e-learning industry! We provide you with digital marketing training, resources and tools to ensure you are positioned to have maximum success starting from day one. We truly believe that living the laptop lifestyle includes having a simple blueprint that anyone can follow. With our support and leadership, we can help you achieve new heights and reach paydays of up to $2,000 multiple times per month!

Product Packages

We provide you with ready to go digital products that you can use to build any business online. We also give you the resell rights to our products once you pay the product license fee. Depending on what package you purchase will determine what products are available to you. All pricing structures are one time fees.

Beginner Package

$50 One Time License Fee

$25 Membership Fee

Pays 30% commissions

Pro Package

$100 One Time License Fee

$50 Membership Fee

Pays 40% commissions

Advanced Package

$300 One Time License Fee

$125 Membership Fee

Pays 50% commissions

Elite Package

$600 One Time License Fee

$175 Membership Fee

Pays 60% commissions

VIP Package

$1,200 One Time License Fee

$299 Membership Fee

Pays 80% commissions

Mastery Package

$2,000 One Time License Fee

$399 Membership Fee

Pays 100% commissions

Compensation Plan

Here at the Genesis Lifestyle Network we truly believe that our members need a simple to understand compensation plan. We give our members the ability to earn on their first sale to infinity and pay out commissions of up to 100% on all of our core products. We want to reward our members and we truly believe our compensation plan can benefit any person with any experience level. No matter whether you a Beginner member or a Mastery member, you still have the ability to earn on product sales with the GLN marketing system!

Package Name


$50 One Time


$100 One Time


$300 One Time


$600 One Time


$1,200 One Time


$2,000 One Time


30% commissions

You Earn $15 per sale

You Earn $30 per sale

You Earn $90 per sale

You Earn $180 per sale

You Earn $360 per sale

You Earn $600 per sale


40% commissions

You Earn $20 per sale

You Earn $40 per sale

You Earn $120 per sale

You Earn $240 per sale

You Earn $480 per sale

You Earn $800 per sale


50% commissions

You Earn $25 per sale

You Earn $50 per sale

You Earn $150 per sale

You Earn $300 per sale

You Earn $600 per sale

You Earn $1,000 per sale


60% commissions

You Earn $30 per sale

You Earn $60 per sale

You Earn $180 per sale

You Earn $360 per sale

You Earn $720 per sale

You Earn $1,200 per sale


80% commissions

You Earn $40 per sale

You Earn $80 per sale

You Earn $240 per sale

You Earn $480 per sale

You Earn $960 per sale

You earn $1,600 per sale


100% commissions

You Earn $50 per sale

You Earn $100 per sale

You earn $300 per sale

You earn $600 per sale

You earn $1,200 per sale

You earn $2,000 per sale

What's Included?

We use our experience to give you a complete done for you internet business without the guess work!

Step By Step Training To Ensure You Get Off To A Fast Start

Lead Capture Pages To Help You Build A Email List Of Hot Prospects

Personal Bridge Page To Help Brand YOU and Build Your Authority

Done For You System & Products That Are Ready To Market 

Instant Commissions Up To $2,000 & Build a Residual Income 

Integration With One Of The Top Tool Suites On The Market

Let Us Close Your Sales While You Sit Back & Collect The Commissions

Not Tech Saavy? Hire Our Team To Help Setup Your System

Get Paid Directly To Any Payment Processor Of Your Choice

Will This Work For Me?

No matter whether you are a complete newbie, a busy professional or someone who has been running their own home based business, our system is geared towards people of all walks of life! If you can follow instructions and implement what is being taught in simple step by step video trainings, then YOU can do this!

Multiple Streams Of Income

With the Genesis Lifestyle Network marketing system, you can build up to four opportunities of your choice along with multiple income streams from our online marketplace. You won't need to look for any other online opportunities as you can use the Genesis Lifestyle Network as your primary opportunity and grow a full time income with this amazing online community!

What If I Have Nothing To Sell?

If you are new online and you have no idea what to sell then you are in luck! We offer you done-for-you digital educational products that are focused in the business and wealth development niche. We have packaged together some of the top training on the internet today which in turn we offer you a percentage of the sale when someone purchases a product package from you. Our commission percentage ranges from 30% as a beginner product package owner all the way up to 100% commissions as a Mastery product package owner. Click here to view our product packages and what products you will be receiving the resell rights to.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Experience?

Absolutely not! The great thing about the internet marketing industry is that if you have the right mentorship, systems and products in place, you can be successful as long as you follow the blueprint that is laid out before you.

Do You Guarantee Sales?

No! Anyone that is guaranteeing you sales in this industry is pulling the wool over your eyes and being deceitful. There is no guarantee of income as we can not determine the amount of effort you will put into your business.

Is This Free?

The Genesis Lifestyle Network allows you to create your account for free, but in order to gain access to all the tools, training and resources you must upgrade to a core package. 

I Have Been Burned Before, How Are You Different?

Trust me! We have been scammed and burnt more than you can even imagine! The best thing about the Genesis Lifestyle Network is that we support our affiliates 100% and are excited to help you grow as an entrepreneur!

How Do I Get Paid?

Our system is designed so our affiliates get paid commissions instantly and directly whenever you make a sale. We use Paypal and Stripe as our main payment processors and we also allow you to use any payment method of your choice to receive commissions. We do not hold your funds or touch them at all. Your money will be deposited into one of those accounts as soon as you make a sale with our done for you automated marketing system. You MUST make a sale in order to get paid as this is not a job and will be your own business.

What If I Can't Afford The Initial Startup Cost?

If you can't afford to upgrade to one of our core products it is probably a good idea that you stay at your current job and make the money to get started. Other ideas would be to sell items around your home, find a business partner, take out a personal loan or if you do not qualify for a loan find a co-signer.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

The Genesis Lifestyle Network has a strict NO REFUND policy. You gain access to all our of products and training instantly when you pay for a core product package. Please do NOT upgrade if you are not 100% sure that this is for you!

I Have Very Little Time To Commit, Can I Still Do This?

Absolutely! The awesome thing about making money online is that you can use automation to reach prospects and gain sales without sitting at your computer all day long! If you have at least an hour per day and can setup a few tools to do your marketing for you, then you can absolutely do this! We also recommend that you have a monthly advertising budget to run paid traffic to your sales funnel.

Do I Need To Join The Top Package To Be Successful With GLN?

The answer to this question is simple. No! The choice is yours. Everyone's situation is different and we understand that not everyone can start at the top package. However, please keep in mind that in order to maximize your commissions the and make the most money, the Mastery product package is the way to go.

How Will I Ever Sell What You Are Offering?

Listen up! You are not in this industry to be a salesperson. We teach you to be a tour guide. Your only job is to drive massive amounts of traffic back to your capture page and let us do the telling and selling! Don't worry, we will show you how. If someone has questions, we will be right there with you to help answer them.

Email Us: support@glnsupport.com

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